Consultant Team

Halff Associates– Project Management, Land Use, Transportation/Mobility, Parks/Open Space, Urban Design, Infrastructure, Public Facilities and Services

J Williams Group – Public Engagement Support, Park Review

Brinkley Sargent Wiginton Architects – Recreation facilities review, operations and maintenance

Civic Brand – Project Branding, Website and Public Engagement

Visioning Committee

Amrit Kirpalani
Tom Ortiz
Carire Donaldson
Darrell Allen
Mike Parson
Paul Medeles
Sean Price
Kelly White
Jerry Turner
Gary Schepf
Timothy Fooks
David Gutierrez
Mike McKee
George Gillespie
Michael Kelly
Debbie Haack
Yasir Arafat
Elouise McMillian
Gustavo Garcia

Project branding & website by CivicBrand